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Feedback from a few of our customers ....

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Since the installation of the GC1 units on our docks, there was been a significant increase in the cleanliness of the walkways. A cleaning job that used to take our staff the better part of each day doing is now one of the quickest tasks for them to complete. Even though the units have only been in for about a month, we can already say that we are very happy with their performance and are excited to offer our boaters a cleaner, more enjoyable experience while they are with us.

Kyle Auton

Marina Manager

Harbour West Marina


Since the system is now up and running, we are very pleased to report that all is great. The geese are not returning thus very little cleanup is now required. We cannot thank you enough for the terrific results and look forward to placing other units around our property once our landscaping is complete.



The Royal Hamilton Yacht Club Inc.

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